Monica Renaud was born in Sydney in 1974 and raised in the inner southwestern suburb of Earlwood.  She now lives & works from her Cronulla home studio on Sydney’s southern beaches, with her husband and two school -aged sons.

Her diverse and evolving practice currently includes the manipulation of iPhone photographs, (taken during everyday domestic ritual), photomontage, paper collage & projection/installation.

Colour, line, composition and space inform the painterly abstractions from the artist, who says she “finds solace amongst the valleys and folds” of the digitally generated landscapes.

The meditative process of transforming something presumed artless or banal into a complex, multilayered, parallel Universe, Renaud says, “acts as metaphor for her experience of being born into Motherhood.”  Renaud wants to elevate the mundane to cinematic scale, as an Ode to Mothers and their beloved offspring.

Nature Morte, solo exhibition installation view, Gaffa Gallery Sydney January 2018, featuring:

Me as Mother, as photographer, as Deburau, as Pierrot, by Nadar, by Me, 2015-2016, 

overhead projected self portrait, site specific © studiofiftyseven.